A Decision Towards Happiness

"It’s a big world out there, honey. And it can get really overwhelming, trying to survive in it. But if you never lose sight of who you are and live your life to the fullest, you’ll be happy.” Her mother’s words echoed in her head as she made another futile attempt to concentrate on the... Continue Reading →


Being Yourself!

We all have this unique spark in us that makes us stand out in the throng. Then why do we always struggle to contain its shine? Why do we strive to lose ourselves into the commonness of the crowd? Let all your weirdness, whackiness, individuality, peculiarity, and differentness show itself boldly! Cherish what makes you... Continue Reading →

A Bookish Choice: Go Big or Go Home!

Don’t you just love the feeling when your written words influence someone in even the most infinitesimal way? Like when you wrote that piece for your school or college magazine and the teachers couldn't stop gushing about your amazing talent? Or maybe a few words or a poem in a card for some loved one... Continue Reading →


Memoir Madness: A Frugal Farewell

When I look at kids today, with their loaded wallets, expensive cell phones and branded clothes, flooding the malls for an end-of-exams celebration, I am often swept away by nostalgia. I cannot help but remember the simple and frugal ways we would come up with to bid farewell to final exams during our school days.... Continue Reading →


Happy Friendship Day???

A babe she was, a few months old; her world was without a care When Mommy & Daddy gave their little princess her very first teddy bear She played with it, she gave it a name, and she loved it to no end Did not even know what friendship was, but she had found her... Continue Reading →


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