Happy Friendship Day???

A babe she was, a few months old; her world was without a care

When Mommy & Daddy gave their little princess her very first teddy bear

She played with it, she gave it a name, and she loved it to no end

Did not even know what friendship was, but she had found her first best friend.

And then one day, in the pages of a book, she discovered A Whole New World

Its words were magic, they could take her anywhere, like Aladdin’s flying carpet unfurled

On the back of these words, she flew to magical kingdoms, where happily ever afters could be found

Once books became her new best friends, her feet never touched the ground.

And then as stealthily, as an owl in the night, a new truth upon her dawned

She too could be a wizard and create magical kingdoms; and her pen could be her wand.

And thus, she began to trudge along the path her new friendship with words had shown

And soon enough, she began to weave, a little magic of her own.

And now that she had her three best friends, her life was a joyous ride,

For whenever she was happy, or sad or scared, her teddy bears were always at her side.

And when she tired of her monotonous world, her books were her great escape,

And all her thoughts, her hopes, her dreams, in beautiful words she would drape.

And when she was all grown, and had gadgets to play, she made another long-term friend

Downloaded movies and TV shows, put them on her phone and laptop, and watched them for days on end.

Now her days were spent, gushing over pretty boys, that graced her laptop screen,

She could never get enough of Damon, Rick or Hook, or even Neal, Sam, Cas and Dean ❤

But then she was told, she had to make real friends, from amongst other girls and boys

What was she thinking! She couldn’t spend all her life surrounded just by her books and toys!

And thus she ventured, into the crazy world, to make as many friends as she could find

But even amidst her newfound friends, she didn’t leave her old friends behind.

Her new friends were fun, they made her come alive, so she went full swing ahead

And when they called her, she put her old friends aside, and hung out with them instead.

She laughed and cried, and danced and enjoyed, and shared with them her joys and sorrow,

She thought they would be together forever; silly girl, she didn’t care for the morrow.

‘Cause time, it sat awaiting its chance, and finally dealt a terrible blow

Nothing could have prepared her and her friends, for the change their friendships would undergo.

Their meetings grew rare, the words spoken grew less, and their busy lives began keeping them apart

She feared the day when they wouldn’t be in her life, but a mere memory in her heart.

But she of strong faith, believed in the strength, of friendships that were tried and true,

She thought, “What the hell, it’s Friendship’s Day! My friends would wanna meet up too!”

So she waited and she waited, for an invite or a plan, and she thought, “Did I wrongly assume?”

For nothing worked out, and utterly frustrated, she retired dejectedly to her room.

And there they were, her oldest friends, they had never really left her side

They had always given her all the comfort and solace that any best friend could provide

So she hugged her bear, and she read a book, and she watched her favorite TV show instead,

And while everyone celebrated Friendship’s Day, she vented her anger in the poem you just read!!

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