I Love Chick-Lit & Chick-Flicks and I Cannot Lie!

Being a nerd is difficult. It sure looks easy when that nerd is played by Emma Stone or Deepika Padukone, and all they got to do to get some love is take of their glasses, slather some make up, a sexy outfit or two maybe and BAM! And if you’re Katherine Heigl, it’s cakewalk, bitches!... Continue Reading →

5 Hilariously Practical Reasons to Get Hitched at 23

I had just logged into Facebook, and there it was, smack at the top of my news feed: “20 Things You Ought To Do Instead of Getting Married at 23”  The more I browsed, the more articles I discovered, telling me what a punk I was to even consider getting married at 23. Of course,... Continue Reading →

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