The Songbird in the Night


Won’t you let me go?

It’s been a hundred dreams in a row

Where the songbird in the night has lost its voice.

Will you make me stay?

For another hundred dreams or so

As my song fades away in slow decay

Will the voice ever return?

This silence reeks of death

The song kept the sanity of my dreams intact.

Why do you want me to stay?

For another hundred dreams or so

When the other songbirds have flown away

Will this torment end?

I miss the nights that were all mine

The echoes of my song woven through their dark veils.

Will I have to stay?

For another hundred dreams or so

Even when there’s nothing more to say.

You’ll have to let me go

Now that you’ve had your hundred dreams in a row

My nights have begun to brim again with noise

You can’t make me stay

There’s something you need to know

I found the other songbirds and I am flying away.

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