Of Fairy Tales, Gadgets & Pokémon Go



As absurd as the title of this post sounds, my life currently is a wonderful mesh of all three of these things. And I really wanted to talk about it with people who would listen, understand, and hopefully, relate.

Let’s start alphabetically, then? Fairy Tales it is.

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved to write. She had a blog that she loved passionately. The more she wrote, the more followers flocked to her blog. The more that happened, the more she was motivated to write. But this was the never-satiating kind of hunger. Understanding her plight, a friend introduced her to a haven for writers, called Medium. It was time now to cross-blog.

Medium was a demanding lover. While her WordPress blog was like a soulmate, always there to welcome her with open arms, likes and comments even after long periods of inactivity, Medium was more elusive. She needed to write more often, recommend others’ works, and most importantly join a publication. Publications were like online magazines, catering to different themes, where you could submit your work and become a writer, editor or staff member for the publication. The girl knew she had to get in.

Eventually, she got into two of them. The first was one of the most popular ones on the platform. The second one, however, was her favourite. A writer from the first publication expressed interest in starting her own publication. The theme was “Classic fairy tales, shaken and stirred,” and it was called The Grimm Reaper.

The girl showed enthusiasm for this new venture and promised to write for it soon. It took her a while to fulfil that promise, but better late than never, right?

Presenting, The Little Mermaid: Part 1


I’ve always loved The Little Mermaid, even before I came across the Disney version (I loved that too). I relate to Ariel in ways I have never really grasped (I think it’s got to do something with being a Piscean). So it was her story that I wanted to play with.

I’ve always loved The Little Mermaid, even before I came across the Disney version (I loved that too). I relate to Ariel in ways I have never really grasped (I think it’s got to do something with being a Piscean). So it was her story that I wanted to play with.

The Grimm Reaper has already lined up Parts 2 & 3 to go live sometime this week. I am done writing the story; it’s five parts in total and I love how it has turned out! So I urge you, if you are on Medium, to go check it out and hit ‘Recommend’! If you don’t want to travel that far, I’ve cross blogged it here.

Like and share it, please, will you? And tell me what you think? Does it make you want to read more about my Ariel or is it just… meh? Either way, here’s hoping for a fairytale ending to this one!

Expressing gratitude for making this work of art possible would take us to: Gadgets.

I love my smartphone (Samsung Galaxy Note 5) and my Macbook to death. I hear all these people talking about doing digital detoxes and frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn. I like how opening my laptop makes me feel all warm and homely inside. Call me a snob if you will, but no other laptop could make me feel that way. I love mine with all its scratches and stains. Sometimes, just running my fingers over its keyboard gets the creative juices flowing. And that was one of the major reasons I began the abovementioned project.

Life without my phone I cannot do. And I own that addiction like a bitch. Don’t get me wrong; I can go without checking messages or making calls. But my phone is so much more than that. I love browsing Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Goodreads (Phew!)  for hours, discovering fascinating things every other second (no, sorry, no cat videos.) I love how I can follow news, watch a movie, read a book, do a crossword and update my blog from this one 5.7-inch device that is my lifeline.

This Venn Diagram explains my version of being an ambivert quiet well.

Being an ambivert, I’ve realised that while being around people makes me flourish for sure, I am my best self when I’m alone, with my books and my gadgets, of course. I may spend days ignoring that notification of unread messages, but know this, I will be aware of what is happening around me and would have simply chosen to focus on my private little world. I love my friends and family, I do. But just like books, my phone/laptop have zero expectations or demands from me and we all need that in our life sometimes.


Which brings us to, alphabetically the last yet the current trending topic of, Pokémon Go.

bx3voznRehashing The Little Mermaid was no easy task. It sort of converted me into more of a lazy homebody than I already am, if that was even possible. Which sucks BTW. Why? Because I have gym everyday, that’s why. And a social life that I like pursuing (ambivert, remember?). Pokémon was my saving grace.

It literally got me off my bed and out of the house. Imagine returning home from the gym and going back out again because some philanthropic soul started a Lure Module at the nearest Pokéstop! Or making an effort to hang out with friends because that’s the only time you are getting out of the house and catching Pokémon.

Again, haters gonna hate. If people are stupid enough to jump in the middle of an expressway or indulge in B&E-ing a private property to catch a Pokémon, however rare, they deserve to be ridiculed, punished, and definitely institutionalized. The game is addictive but quite uplifting. For every 10 stories about how damaging Pokémon Go is, there are at least two articles about how it has helped people become more active and less couch potato-y (Take that, Candy Crush!). Besides, excess of everything is bad so there is never going to be anything that’s absolutely devoid of cons. Just let the player play without judging, okay?

So there it is, my heart laid bare for all you guys to read. I guess, I should do this more often, don’t you think?


Hey, you! This is a two-way street. I want to know what’s on your mind too! Get over to that comment box and let’s talk!




5 thoughts on “Of Fairy Tales, Gadgets & Pokémon Go

Add yours

  1. Congratulations on getting on Medium! I recently found it through a Google search about something and found it really cool.
    And I love Pokémon Go! I started college last week and all my new friends attribute one thing to my character—Pokemon Go. Unfortunately, the app stopped working in my city completely and likely to be shut down in complete India since it’s not the official version

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Medium is great. Simple and clean interface meant only for writing. And what amazing content it churns out each day!
      I knew about this being the unofficial version but app shutting down would suck! It hasn’t yet in my city and a lot of people would be mad if that happened! As long as our progress gets saved, we can always resume once the official version launches, which os going to be god knows when!

      Liked by 1 person

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