When The Show Must Go On But It Doesn’t


I want to talk about endings. Because they are hard.

This time of the year is difficult for me. At the risk of sounding completely dramatic, I will tell you the reason.

Two words: Comic Con

Why? Why is the ongoing San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) a tough time of the year for me? That’s a whole different blog post.

Like I said, I want to talk about endings.

Specifically, I want to talk about endings right now because this happened about a couple of hours ago.

SDCC always keeps me up, owing to different time zones, as I wait to devour even the tiniest bit of video about my favourite shows/cast. It’s 3.3o am in India as I write this because I just found out that Season 8 of my most favourite show, The Vampire Diaries, is going to be its last. And then I watched this reel. Curse it, I shouldn’t have.

I cried. Like not a random sniffle and tear; I actually cried a stream. I would have bawled if it weren’t for the ungodly hour in my country. Because Comic Con to me is discovering all this cool, fun stuff about my favourite shows and a bombshell like this is hard to take.

Look, I will be honest, it’s not an absolute shocker. I knew that with Nina Dobrev’s exit and creater Julie Plec’s statement about the show going on as long as Paul and Ian want it to go on was indication enough that the end was nigh. But this damn video clip!

I am still reeling from the sudden blow dealt by Castle ending! And that show was my life! Richard Castle was (and will always be) my soulmate. Add to that no more weekly doses of Damon Salavatore and his all-consuming love for Elena? Or Damon/Stefan, Damon/Alaric, Damon/Enzo? Basically, where do I get my weekly fix (barring hiatus) of Damon Salvatore? The fuck am I supposed to do without it?

Oh yes, I know. Reruns. But like, for how many shows? I already had Castle on the list. Now I’ve got to add TVD too. And who knows, there’s still a Supernatural panel due at SDCC. What if they too announce that Season 12 is their last? Or maybe Season 13, with the whole mythology attached to the number? Even Game of Thrones is to have a mere 2 seasons more. But somehow, I am not upset about that. Same with The Big Bang Theory ending. I mean, I love these shows, I do. But Castle, The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural are like The Originals for me, you know? THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE IMMORTAL!

I am aware how the storylines of these three shows have been criticised lately. They are getting boring, repetitive, blah blah boohoo. I did not care. I would still watch them because I fell in love with them like you ought to fall in love. Not at once, at first sight, but gradually. When that kind of love happens, it is forever. You don’t just restrict it to one medium. You don’t give up on it because of bad storyline. I read about the characters, watched interviews, followed the cast on social media, and watched entire series not just once but twice or thrice.

How do you go from that level of obsession to zilch? How do you find another show to fill that void? Is it even possible to do so?

The worst part about a movie or a TV series ending is not that the story is over. It’s that the characters you so loved are frozen in time while the people who played them are still moving on in their lives! You see them around on social media or other TV shows, and you look for reflections of that character you loved. You scrutinize their lives, searching for even the most negligible sign of that character in their behaviour, their choices, their actions. All the while, you’re hoping that by some miracle, a reunion of sorts happens, either in person or in another show or movie, which gives you that old feeling back.

That’s what makes letting go difficult! Trust me, I tried back when White Collar ended and I had to say goodbye to Neal Caffrey, the womanizer, and say hello to Matt Bomer, who is the reason I can never muster the courage to watch A Normal Heart ever.

If it were easier, I wouldn’t have spent an hour in the dead of the night pouring my heart out in this post.

So here’s to all the shows that have ended or are going to end, leaving their fans teary-eyed and empty hearted. We wish in your case, ‘The Show Must Go On’ were true.

As for The Vampire Diaries, it breaks my heart but I honestly cannot wait for the new and final season (Premiers Oct 21st on The CW).





21 thoughts on “When The Show Must Go On But It Doesn’t

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  1. Your fervent passion and loyalty is palpable…a testament to your ability to communicate so very, very well! 🙂 Perhaps you will become a screen writer and write shows–or write books–that captivate others the way you’ve been captivated by your favourite shows. I have a friend who is mad about Supernatural and follows it the way you do….she even paid $300 a photo for a series of photos with she and her husband and Jared and Jensen and Misha….I know their names because she talks about them all the time 🙂 Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I pray! Oh I hope I am able to do that one day! To touch lives like that would be most satisfying act of my life.
      What would I not give right now to be there at Comic Con experience all this bittersweet first hand. Because then you can actually share all this with people who would get it, you know?
      But I am glad you wrote back! I know at least someone heard and understands! Thank you 🙂

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      1. Not utter and total devastation but I do miss Friends. Although I believe they quit at a good place and tied up all loose ends nicely. More shows should do the same so that we are left wanting more and not wishing they would just go already 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I agree. Particularly when it’s shows like Friends, Entourage, Glee, White Collar. You know they are based on real life scenarios and a happily ever after is believable. But with shows like Supernatural and TVD, you realise that the only way there can be an end to their adventure is if they die heroic deaths. And that somehow is a dampener! I really do not want another haphazard ending like the one Castle had!


      3. Yeah it is sort of like that. But I don’t blame them; they had very little time and they did the best they could, I guess. Again, Castle had the same issues that TVD has so in a way it had to end.

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    1. IKR!!! I’ve started rewatching TVD and I don’t even skip the “Previously on” bit because I want to savour every moment of it.
      Can you imagine the coincidence? The morning after I wrote this, I went to the supermarket wearing my “Sired to Damon” tee and this girl walked up to me to ask where I got it from. Bad case of feels!


      1. I don’t watch very much TV now, but my one of my favorite shows in high school was The Prince of Tennis. It was an anime about, you guessed it, tennis players, and as a tennis player myself, I adored it. In all honesty, it was a terrible show. Now, I can see why it got cancelled, but it was soul-crushing at 14!


      2. Uhoh! To suffer such a heartbreak at 14! I totally sympathize. And yet, may we fall in love with more shows and give them the power to break our hearts one day!


      3. Alas, as painful as it may be, I think it’s just part of being a human — we love things, even if we know that one day they must end. It is what it is! 🙂

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      1. Hey Praveen!
        Kudos for starting your blog and never giving up on it! You tackle such important topics with flair and you should definitely continue writing. Keep discovering more and more angles to important issues!
        All The Best & Happy Blogging 🙂

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