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Guess Who’s Coming To Comic Con Mumbai?

I planned to do a special post on Comic Con India sometime next month but I absolutely couldn’t wait!!!!

I’ve always maintained that being a fangirl in India is extremely difficult.

Why? Here’s why.

  1. Because you can never watch your favourite shows live with the rest of the world.
  2. We don’t have Hot Topic or easily available fandom merchandise.
  3. All your favourite stars are in a different continent, on a different timezone and the chances of ever meeting them are pretty much non-existent.
  4. Comic Con is a fairly new concept and when SDCC happens each year, you physically yearn to be there. Someday…
  5. It’s tough to find someone as obsessed and batshit crazy about a fandom as you.

Until this morning, when THIS happened.

Image Source: Comic Con India


You’d think with all the hints they kept throwing since the past couple of days about someone from Supernatural coming to Comic Con Mumbai, I would’ve been prepared for this. TBH, I expected a crew member or something.

But this! This is huge! Jim Beaver played Bobby Singer, a hunter who is a sort of father figure to Dean and Sam Winchester. Basically, Bobby was home to these boys. Not to mention, he kicked major ass. One of his  dialogues is pretty much a consistent theme in the show!


You can imagine my excitement! When Hyderabad (another city) Comic Con brought in Afshan Azad a.k.a Padma Patil from Harry Potter movies, I was a little envious. They even had a wizard’s night prior to the main event to celebrate. But this is kind of more epic than that!

Last year was my first Comic Con  ever, and needless to say, I spent a lot on fan merchandise, clicked fun pictures and basically had a fantastic time.


At the AXN Booth at Comic Con Mumbai, 2015.


This year, I’ve already brought my passes, plan to attend both the days and absolutely cannot wait to meet Bobby!

All I can say is, OH MY CHUCK!

PS: I don’t think I’ll cosplay, but I know exactly what I’ll be wearing to it!




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