Things, They Are A-Changing!

Hey there!

Yes, you. The one reading this post because you cared about what I wanted to say. You, who Followed my blog, liked and commented on posts, and encouraged me at every Community Pool.

Thank you! This blog, and your engagement with it, is what keeps me sane during these career lulls and drives me to better myself.

And since you matter so much, I have three major changes to the blog that I want to share with you!


1) I present to you the new layout of my blog!

The header and background image, as you can see, are new. Made it myself, if I may say so proudly, with the use of a few images off Google and an app called PicsArt. It lets you do quite a lot of rudimentary editing of photos, make collages and gifs even, as well as draw original art. I ❤ PicsArt!

Anyway, here’s what the header image actually looks like, in case you cannot see it properly on the site.

These are all individual elements that I cut out, turned into stickers, and eventually placed on this background. All done using PicsArt on my phone! How cool is that?

The site background is just a rearranged, portrait version of the above image. The things you do when you don’t know Photoshop or have a designer at your disposal!

2) Guess who’s the new Funny Girl on the scene?

Hint: It’s moi!

A lot of people have told me, and I have grown to realise this in the course of my work too, that I have a natural knack for humour.

Listicle is one of the most popular formats on the net right now, and they are so easy to consume too! I use it a lot at work and it got me thinking, “Hey! I could do some cool stuff on my blog too!”

And that’s where Funny Girl comes in! It’s a new category on the blog where I am going to try to be as witty, hilarious and outrageous as I can be.

There’s already one blog post up on it. You can check it out here!

3) Lo(go) & Behold!

Yaaaaaas, I finally got a new logo for the blog!

I’ve been meaning to create an Instagram profile for the blog since forever but never got around to doing it. Usually, I would promote new posts on my personal account. Mostly because I got stuck at the first step: a site logo.

And by George, I’ve got it!

Reveries Logo

It’s simple and cute, and again, I made it myself so I am quite happy with my masterpiece. It’s not the Sistine Chapel, but you know!

I used Canva to create this. They have a nice and easy design interface and lots of templates to choose from. I didn’t want anything flashy. The typewriter at the bottom, I added using PicsArt again, on my phone. It’s the same sticker I’ve used in my blog header.

Want to follow the blog on Instagram? Click here

What did you guys think of it all? I would love to know your thoughts! Comment below, please?

Much ❤


4 thoughts on “Things, They Are A-Changing!

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  1. The blog looks very cool. I like the burgundy accents, that’s one of my favourite colours. One thing though the piece that says ‘what better than imagination to quell that wanderlust’ was a bit difficult to see.


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