Hello? Is It ‘Tea’ You’re Looking For?



“Tell me no, pleeeeease?”

“I have to finish this report, honey. Not now.”

“Mom, please! This is important. I need your help, like, really badly.”

“Aha? Is that so? And how is this question going to help?”

“It will, okay. Just answer no!”

“Oh God, alright! I was about to make some tea for myself anyway. Want some?”

*on the way to the kitchen*

“Uh sure. So how did you know Dad was ‘The One’ for you?”

“What? This again? You already know the story, kid.”

“Once more wouldn’t hurt! Come on, Mom, please?”

“Well, the year was 2017, I was hopelessly single and your aunt thought it would be a great idea for me to try dating apps. So I finally got on one —”


“No, honey, Tinder. And don’t interrupt! Okay, so I got on Tinder and well… after a series of good, bad and creepy dates, I finally matched with your Dad. We went out a couple of times, I liked him. We dated for a year, and then he proposed. You know the rest.”

“Yeah but —”

*phone rings*

“Sorry honey, I’ve got to get this. It’s the office. Go ask Dad what he wants for dinner, will you?”


“Yes, sweetheart? I’m in here.”

*goes to the living room*

“Mom’s asking what you want for dinner.”

“I don’t know. What do you feel like? Spaghetti? Chinese?”


“Why so glum, chum?”

“Jeez, Dad. Nobody says ‘chum’ anymore.”

“Yeah yeah. What’s got you so sullen today?”

“You wouldn’t understand, Dad. I need a female perspective. I need Mom but she’s busy.”

“Well, try me. I know how your Mom thinks. And she consults me too when she has problems. I mean, as long as it’s not ‘girl stuff’—”

“Okay awkward! And no. It’s not that. I just… How did Mom know you were ‘The One’ for her?”

“Wow. That’s intense. I guess when you cannot imagine life without each other and want to share every bit of it with someone, you just know that person is ‘The One’. 

“Thanks, Dad. I know the rom-com version of this answer. That’s not what I’m asking!

“Riiiiiiiight. Did the meaning of ‘The One’ change? Is it some new slang or something? Like ‘bae’?”

“Ew. NO DAD. Like, how did Mom know you were ‘The One’ Tinder match she should go out with? Mom was a total hottie, right? She would’ve been floored with matches! But why did she choose you over the others?”

“Wait! Are you on a dating app? Is that where all this is coming from? When did you…”

“As if! I don’t… I mean, I wouldn’t… you know… just natural curiosity.”

“Oh. That’s okay then. It was tea. Your answer is tea.

“Tea? As in ‘T’ the letter? Or what I am drinking right now ‘Tea’?”

*holds up teacup*

“Well, you were right. Your Mom was a total hottie and she matched with a lot of guys. They all asked her out for coffee or a beer. I… asked her out for tea.”

“What? How does that even— Oh!”

“Yep. The first time I talked to her, I knew she was special. So of course, I made an effort to find out more about her. What she liked, her favourite things to eat, read, watch, drink. I listened. And that’s how I knew where I’d want to take her to make the first date special. She noticed. I mean look at your Mom! She’s probably in the kitchen right now making herself a cuppa!”

“Yeaaah… She is.”



“Damn right. Remember sweetie, in a swarm of coffee dates, go for the one who knows to ask you for tea. Just some good advice, you know. For later. Since you’re not dating right now…”


– ❤ –


In response to The Daily Post’s prompt Tea

3 thoughts on “Hello? Is It ‘Tea’ You’re Looking For?

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  1. Hi Jinal,

    I admire anyone that can write a story from a daily prompt. I look at them everyday and my mind seems to go blank!

    I really enjoyed your story – short and sweet. It really captures the essence of true love. Taking notice of the little things that are important to people.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! 🙂
      Daily prompts can be a little daunting sometimes; wanting to be a part of something like that and the need to adhere to a theme… But hey! I’m sure you do some pretty amazing writing without a prompt too!

      I’m glad you enjoyed it! I agree, it’s always the little things. I strongly believe that’s what keeps a relationship going strong.


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