Hello? Is It ‘Tea’ You’re Looking For?

Once Upon a Tea Time...


The Little Mermaid: Part 4

The Fall


The Little Mermaid: Part 3

Lost and Found. And then Lost Again.


The Little Mermaid: Part 2

A crossing of worlds. A fateful meeting.


The Little Mermaid: Part 1

Not every mermaid dreams of the world above. A re-telling of Ariel's coming of age...



It was 2.45 am. Her heart was racing, overwhelmed by a fervour that only inspiration could evoke. A faint smile played on her lips, hinting nothing of the chaos within, as her fingers danced on the computer. On the screen, a masterpiece was emerging in Helvetica. *** She knocked on the door that said 'Editor-in-Chief' and... Continue Reading →


The Smell of Adventure

If you want to have an adventure, don’t take the usual road. He was always surprised how his otherwise senile grandfather had these moments of absolute clarity. Every morning, right before he was to leave for The Streets, the old man would stop him at the door and whisper something into his ear. He would... Continue Reading →



“Write me a lovesong”, he said. I waited for some hint of amusement to appear on his face; some indication that he was joking. But he wasn’t. “What? You love writing, don’t you? You’re so good at it even. This should be a piece of cake. Write me one.” Well, I did tell him I... Continue Reading →


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