Ego v/s Self Respect: Treading the Thin Line

I fumble. I falter. But eventually, I walk the line.



This is what I call wishy-washy, flippy-floppy, indecisive bullshit.


Of Fairy Tales, Gadgets & Pokémon Go

As absurd as the title of this post sounds, my life currently is a wonderful mesh of all three of these things. And I really wanted to talk about it with people who would listen, understand, and hopefully, relate.


So… I Quit My Job.

You know that sound that money makes? That sweet "Ka-ching!", or that SMS from your bank on the 1st of every month, telling you that your salary has been credit to your account... it's some feeling, isn't it? Well, I gave that up. For my 25th birthday last month, I gifted myself two things: A... Continue Reading →


The Voice

A bunch of us had decided to go on a short trip for the weekend. The house we rented seemed to be at the edge of the world, overlooking the lake and mountains, with nothing but the cacophony of insects and birds to disrupt the serenity. Perfect for a weekend of crazy drinking, dancing and fun, amirite? The... Continue Reading →


I Love Chick-Lit & Chick-Flicks and I Cannot Lie!

Being a nerd is difficult. It sure looks easy when that nerd is played by Emma Stone or Deepika Padukone, and all they got to do to get some love is take of their glasses, slather some make up, a sexy outfit or two maybe and BAM! And if you’re Katherine Heigl, it’s cakewalk, bitches!... Continue Reading →


5 Hilariously Practical Reasons to Get Hitched at 23

I had just logged into Facebook, and there it was, smack at the top of my news feed: “20 Things You Ought To Do Instead of Getting Married at 23”  The more I browsed, the more articles I discovered, telling me what a punk I was to even consider getting married at 23. Of course,... Continue Reading →


Being Yourself!

We all have this unique spark in us that makes us stand out in the throng. Then why do we always struggle to contain its shine? Why do we strive to lose ourselves into the commonness of the crowd? Let all your weirdness, whackiness, individuality, peculiarity, and differentness show itself boldly! Cherish what makes you... Continue Reading →


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