Passion & Paycheck

The brilliant screen, static, on a blank white page Letters poised on the keyboard, like actors on a stage Awaiting a word, an idea, a point to start from The cursor blinks on, but the words never come. The uncapped pen just lost its dream job Grudgingly, it just doodles now; can't afford to be a snob Hoping the mindless... Continue Reading →


Hit Refresh!

Oh new is new And old is old But how long does it take For the new to get old? She had the new dress And a shiny new bag And yet going to work Still felt like such a drag. New assignment on her desk All new ideas on the page She knew it was a new... Continue Reading →

The Songbird in the Night

  Won’t you let me go? It’s been a hundred dreams in a row Where the songbird in the night has lost its voice. Will you make me stay? For another hundred dreams or so As my song fades away in slow decay Will the voice ever return? This silence reeks of death The song kept... Continue Reading →


Happy Friendship Day???

A babe she was, a few months old; her world was without a care When Mommy & Daddy gave their little princess her very first teddy bear She played with it, she gave it a name, and she loved it to no end Did not even know what friendship was, but she had found her... Continue Reading →


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